Gecoin - Presale

Gecoin (GEC) - a utility token built using the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol - is a vital part of the ecosystem. As well as granting users access to a range of features and services on the platform, GEC has a deflationary mechanism built into its core tokenomics to maximise value for holders.

Every time a GEC is used to pay for internal services on the platform is burned, permanently reducing the supply.
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Pre-order is available for €1.70 for 1 GEC

The value of purchased GEC tokens is calculated according to the ETH current rate on the contract closing date (2021-06-12 23:59).

To make a contract deposit using the provided form, it is necessary to have a MetaMask wallet installed with sufficient funds.

The MetaMask wallet can be downloaded as a browser extension.
Go to and install it in your web browser.

If you not sure how to use Metamask, please refer to youtube to find tutorials on MetaMask - how to install it and how to use it.

Payments for the MetaMask extension:

  1. Select your currency in the application form ETH or USDT
  2. In the "Amount" section, enter the amount in the funds you want to spend.
  3. Click on "Make a payment".
  4. It will launch the MetaMask extension (if you don't have the MetaMask extension, see red banner - download and install the extension)
  5. If you are not logged in yet, MetaMask will ask you to do so.
  6. MetaMask will ask you for permission to connect to this site - confirm the connection with Metamask.
  7. MetaMask has to request a final confirmation of the payment.
  8. Confirm it in the MetaMask popup
  9. You all set! Give it a few minutes and check if the payment has arrived at the contract address.

Payments via the ETH wallet:

You can make a payment into SmartContract directly from the ETH wallet.

Be aware that you have to remember to follow all the rules below; otherwise, your funds will be irrecoverable in the event of a mistake. is not responsible for incorrect payments with this method.

One can only make direct contract payments with ETH - no other currencies are accepted!

The contract only accepts ERC-20 tokens. The use of any other standard will result in the irretrievable loss of all funds sent!

Make payments only from the ETH wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Ledger) - do not transfer directly from the exchange!

The gas limit must be increased to the 50,000 - 60,000 range for the transaction to be successful. Otherwise, the transaction may not complete successfully - however, the ETH network will still charge you a transaction fee.

Smart Contract Placeholder

Gecoin advantages

20% lower transaction fees
By using the GEC token on the platform, users will pay 20% lower trading fees
Defaltionary token
Gecoin's deflationary mechanism means each GEC is burned once it has been used on the platform
Acess PAMM
GEC token will allow users to access PAMM services on the platform
Staking your tokens will allow you to earn 8% in rewards per year