Understanding Buy and Sell Prices and SPREAD on our Trading Platform

The SELL price is the price on the chart, which is the market price of the asset that is visible on the chart. On the other hand, the BUY price is the market price increased by the SPREAD, which for the BTC/USD pair is 65 Pts. This means that the BUY price is slightly higher than the actual market value, and this difference is the SPREAD.

When opening a BUY position, you need to take into account the value of the SPREAD, which should be added to the chart price to obtain the actual purchase price. However, when closing an open BUY position, the closing price is equal to the market value.

In the case of opening a SELL position, the price is equal to the market value without an additional cost of the SPREAD. However, when closing an open SELL position, the SPREAD is added to the price.

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