Risk disclosure notice – BTC Trading Company Ltd (the “Company”)

By usingservices provided by the company you are further acknowledging that you areaware of the many risks associated with the use of the services, purchasing orholding virtual assets and with engaging in transactions in cryptocurrencies,including but not limited to, risks of financial loss, technology glitches(including but not limited to problems with blockchain technology anddistributed ledger technology), and hacking. The company makes every effort toprovide state-of-the-art systems and security. Nonetheless, certain issues andrisks are unavoidable. You acknowledge that the company is not responsible forthe aforementioned risks, and you voluntarily assume and accept such risks. Theservises related to virtual financial asset whose price volatility is outside’scontrol. Any profit or loss arising as a result of a fluctuation in the valueof the respective vlas will be entirely for your account and risk.Additionally, the company does not provide investment advice in respect ofvirtual financial assets. In order to get professional advice, you are asked toconsult an appropriate lawyer, accountant or tax advisor. As a result, thecompany shal not be responsible for any losses incurred by you as a consequenceof your own trading decisions in respect of virtual financial assets. Youaccept that the value of virtual financial asset, may fall as well as rise andthat there can be no guarantee that you will not make a loss or that theprofits shall be made by you as a result your transactions in respect ofvirtual financial assets. If any provision herein is not suitable or acceptableby you, you should not use our services provided on our platform.
  1. This Notice covers examples of risks associated with the services provided by the Company, albeitwith the proviso that the catalog of potential risks is open and unlimited. The company providesexamples of risks related to its services.
  2. By signing up to use an account made available on the Company’s website www.geco.one (the“Platform”), You state that You have read and understood, and accepts all of risks contained in thisnotice.
The content of the Platform should not be considered as investment advice and should not beconstrued as a substitute for tailored investment advice
    1. By using the Platform, you herby acknowledges and accept all risk related to services of thePlatform. You herby declare that by opening an account on the Platform, You are awarethat using services of the Company is connected with high risk of incurring losses anddamages as a result, and You accept this fact and its consequences.
    2. You accept the fact You are bound to check if acquisition and disposal of virtual assets islegal in your jurisdiction.
    1. Since the cryptocurrency market is still unregulated and uncertain, trading of virtual assets involvessignificant level of risk.
    2. By using the Platform, you accept the following risk in reference to virtual assets:
      • Wallet and private key. You alone are responsible for the secure storage of the private key ofyour wallet necessary to receive and dispose of virtual assets. The loss or theft of the privatekey may be equivalent to the loss of all virtual assets assigned to the wallet
      • Theft and loss Risk. The technology of issuing and distributing virtual assets, despitemaintaining the highest security standards by the Company, does not exclude the possibilityof theft or loss of them.
      • Dependency on Information Technology Systems Risk. The Company maintains the higheststandards for the construction and operation of IT systems, using the services of professionalentities. However, it cannot avoid the risks associated with a hacker attack, system failure,disconnection of the Internet connection or physical damage to servers.
      • Attacks by "hackers" and sabotage. There is a risk of hacker attacks on the IT infrastructureused by the Company and essential networks and technologies. As a result, the Company maybe partially, temporarily or even permanently prevented from carrying out its businessactivities. In addition to hacker attacks, there is risk that employees of the Company or thirdparties may sabotage the IT systems, which may lead to the failure of hardware and/orsoftware systems of the Company. This may also have a negative impact on the Company'sbusiness activities.
      • Blockchain Delay – Blockchain block production can happen randomly, since they areregulated by proof or work. You hereby acknowledge that there is a possibility that thetransaction is not included at the expected time. The Company is not liable for any delayswhich may occur.
      • Possible Ethereum Mining Attacks. Mining attacks may occur in blockchain included inSmart Contracts. These attacks include, but are not limited to double-spend, majority mining,selfish-mining, and/or race condition. Should any attack be carried out successfully, therewill be a hazard on the operation, functioning and sequencing of transactions pertaining thevirtual assets, and of contract computations
      • The possibility of virtual assets becoming worthless. Virtual assets may become worthless.The Company does not ensure the liquidity of virtual assets and waives all responsibility orliability that may arise in relation to the market value of virtual assets their price, selling,purchase, and/or the existence of any markets for the virtual assets.
    1. Virtual assets’ market may rapidly change due to events which are not under the control of theCompany. At this point, You must be aware and accept the following risk:
      • Operating Risk. Operating risk is a risk of potential loss caused by human, process orinformation system failures and flaws. In according to human, process or informationsystem failures and flaws, the operating risk embraces risk of corporate fraud andmisconduct. When completing transactions, transaction limits and competence systems areused to minimize potential loss. The Company is constantly monitoring the informationsystems and supervise its own operations. Thanks to these activities there is a possibility toidentify risks of system failures, flaws or fraud and mitigate the operating risk. Theinformation received from the monitoring of the information systems and operations of theCompany is used to correct the flaws in information systems and avoid failures thereof
      • Banking Systems Risk. Trading virtual currencies is a phenomenon usually reluctantlyaccepted by the Banks. There may be a risk of blocking the transfer associated with thevirtual assets purchase process by the investor's bank. An additional risk may occur in theevent of blocking or closing the Company bills
      • Risk of criminal offences. Due to the system, virtual assets are subject to increasedsusceptibility to fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. This increases the risk oflosing the capital, also due to necessary measures taken by the authorities against theoperators or other persons involved in such illegal transactions.
      • Qualified advice. The information contained in this notice does not replace any qualifiedadvice that may be required from a third party. An investment decision should not be madesolely on the basis of the content of the Platform, as the information contained herein cannotreplace advice and information tailored to the needs, objectives, experience and knowledgeand circumstances of the individual.
    You declare that You are aware that it is your responsibility to report and remit the correct tax tothe appropriate tax authority and the Company is not responsible for determining whether taxesapply to your trades or for collecting, reporting, withholding or remitting any taxes arising fromsuch trades.
    The Company is entitled to modify this Notice at any time, in its sole discretion without providinga notice of such changes. If the You do not agree to any modification, or otherwise does not agreeto be bound by the modified Notice, You are obligated stop using the Company’s services.

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