Regulations for New Members of the CC Club

1. Introduction

These regulations define the rules for using free GEC tokens granted to new members of the CC Club on the platform.

2. Granting of Funds

  • Every new member of the CC Club who opens an account on the platform will receive 4500 free GEC tokens.
  • The GEC tokens are granted one-time and are intended to enable users to test the platform's features.

3. Nature of the Funds

  • The received GEC tokens are for demonstration purposes only, similar to a DEMO account in other financial systems.
  • The funds are not subject to withdrawal, transfer, or exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

4. Use of the Platform

  • GEC tokens can only be used for demonstration purposes on the platform.
  • Users can test various platform features, including trading, investments, and other available tools.
  • Users are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the platform while using the granted tokens.

5. Responsibility

  • The platform is not responsible for decisions made by users based on the results obtained using GEC tokens.
  • Users are aware that the results achieved while using demonstration tokens may differ from the results achieved using real funds.

6. Final Provisions

  • 1These regulations may be updated by the administration of the CC Club and the platform.
  • Any changes to the regulations will be communicated to users in advance.

Thank you for joining the CC Club, and we wish you fruitful testing on the platform!

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