How to choose your crypto trading platform

Are you looking for a crypto trading exchange but feeling bamboozled by the choice available?

That’s understandable. Since 2017 hundreds of new cryptocurrency exchanges have launched, and many have also disappeared. Few have offered a genuine choice, though. is different – let’s show you how.

Is Your Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Secure?

It may not sound exciting, but security should be your primary concern when trading with cryptocurrencies. Billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency assets have been stolen from exchanges targeted by hackers, with customers often footing the bill. employs multiple security features to ensure maximum safety for your Bitcoin.

For starters, 98% of customer funds are stored offline. All communication on the site uses SSL (HTTPS) encryption, and any sensitive data is completely disconnected from the internet and then divided with redundancy and encrypted using AES-256.

Wallets are secured with a multi-signature solution provided by BitGo. User-side, offers secure username and password log-in and a 2FA facility for additional account security.

Does Your Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Offer Trading Derivatives?

Trading derivatives is a great way to take sizable trades whilst reducing the amount of cryptocurrency you place at risk.

With traditional spot trading, users with one Bitcoin can only trade with the value of that one Bitcoin. However, users can trade with a position size vastly larger than derivative trading whilst only placing that one Bitcoin at risk. offers trading derivatives with leverage of up to 100x. When you trade, you can take a position size 100x greater than the amount you are putting at risk.

Be careful; if the trade moves against you, you can be liquidated and lose the amount you put at risk. However, if you are successful, derivative trading is a great way to maximise gains. For example, with the 100x leverage offered at, you can use that one Bitcoin to take a position size of 100 Bitcoins and realise the profits (or losses) based on that position size, with just your one Bitcoin at risk.

Is Your Crypto Trading Platform Fully Customisable?

Anyone can trade, but not everyone can trade successfully. Choosing a platform that offers you all the tools to analyse markets and trade with precision is crucial in giving you an edge. is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange. Its interface is fully customisable across multiple screens, all from your browser, with no application needed. The algorithmic ordering system, one-click trading and professional charting give you everything you need to trade successfully and analyse your performance in detail.

As you would expect, offers market, stop and limit orders. ‘Fast transaction’ and ‘OCO’ (one-cancels-other) orders are fantastic additions that make it even easier to secure your perfect entry and exit points in any market.

Are You Looking For a Crypto Trading Platform Without KYC?

Privacy matters. There are many valid reasons why traders want to maintain their anonymity whilst using a platform. For example, if you trade in large amounts, would you want exchange operators to know who you are and where you live? What if that information got into the wrong hands? operates in a jurisdiction that does not mandate “Know your Customer” (KYC), meaning that you don’t have to hand over any personally-identifying information to use the platform.

If you’re ready to start trading cryptocurrencies using Bitcoin – you can begin in just 30 seconds:

  • is free; there are no hidden fees
  • No application is needed
  • It takes just 30 seconds to open an account
  • 100x leverage available on all assets
  • also gives every user negative balance protection, so you’ll never go into the red.

Sign up for an account at today!

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