If you want to start Trading, you have to Create a Trading Account First:

1. Go to the Dashboard

2. At the bottom of the page, click Add Trading account and choose the cryptocurrency, for example, Gecoin.

3. Now you can move funds from your Wallet to the Trading account. You can put the number or just click on the percentage buttons. 

4. Click Transfer funds and your trading account is ready.

5. Click Trade and you will be automatically redirected to the Trading page.

Now you can see your trading panel. On the left, you have Available instruments. You can trade the most popular Crypto/USD pairs. What is great about trading on is the fact that the interface is easy to navigate even for beginner traders. Moreover, you can customize your trading screen according to your needs.

You can freely move panels, change their size, and use many useful indicators and day/night mode to create the best trading experience possible.

At the top of a trading screen, you have all the information you need to keep track of your trading. Balance shows the total amount of funds you have not including any unrealised profit or loss from opened trades. Equity shows the total amount of funds you have including unrealised profit or loss from opened trades. Margin shows the number of funds which is used as collateral for your opened positions, and Free Margin shows the total amount of funds you have left to use as margin on new trades. provides five types of orders - Quick Transaction, Market, Limit, Stop & OCO. provides complete risk control, allowing you to set a Stop loss and Take profit level before or after placing your order. 

Let’s place a short and long order on Bitcoin. 

1. In Order type, you can choose the type of order you want to create, for example, Market 

2. In Valid you can set up the date and hour when your order will be stopped automatically, or you can leave it empty. 

3. In Value, you place the number of funds in USD you want to use on this trade, and after you put the number, you can see max value, margin impact and available margin. 

4. Now place Stop loss and Take profit. You can do this right now or later. 

5. The last step is choosing if you play Long or Short.

Even after placing your order you can edit stop loss and take profit levels. If you set stop loss and take profit your orders will be closed automatically when you will reach the limit you set. If you want to close the order before that, just click the Close button. You will see all your closed positions in the appropriate tab.

If you want to find out more about the differences between order types and learn more about fees, please click the Margin Trading tab

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