Margin trading

A margin trading is a tool for taking larger positions with fewer funds held on the platform. Margin is a subset of leverage where the platform lends money to the user. It enhances gains and losses, so it should be used only after full risk acknowledgement.

Unlike spot trading, you can experience crypto derivatives trading on, which allows you to trade with a more significant amount of funds. You can use’s leverage tool to boost your holdings and increase your earning potential. offers derivatives trading with leverage of up to 100x. When you trade, you can take a position size 100x more significant than the amount you are putting at risk. Your position size is limited in traditional spot trading to the amount you want to risk in any trade. (

‍You can trade the top 20 crypto/USD pairs:

For a hitch-free trading experience, offers five different order types:

FIVE (5) ORDER TYPES ON Crypto Derivatives Exchange

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