Marcin Wituś
Founder, CEO

Since 2006 active trader on the FX Spot, FX Forward and FX Options market. From 2010 to 2016, he cooperated with numerous partners such as FXPro, SaxoBank, Dukascopy Bank, XTB, and Nordea Bank, where he honed his practical application of investment knowledge in the field of trading. From 2017, he was a trader - an expert on financial markets at Citi Bank. His duties included: entering into currency transactions and interest rate transactions; FX Spot, FX Forward / NDF, FX Option, technical and fundamental analysis of major currency pairs, and supervision of the global position of the bank. Currently: CEO OU - company regulated by the FIU and Geco Capital OU - company regulated by the Estonian FSA.
Łukasz Mędrzak
Co-founder, CFO

He has been associated with the financial industry since 2007. Thanks to systematic work and focus on success, since 2012, cooperating with Axa Polska. In 2013, he built his sales team as a manager at Prevoir Vie Groupe Prevoir SA, and in 2013 and 2014, he became one of the best managers in Poland. During this period, he trained the best-sellersPrevoir Vie Groupe Prevoir S.A. in Poland. In 2013 and 2014, in consultation with the head office of ING Życie, he opened his own Finance Office as the President of the Management Board. Since 2016, he is also a co-owner of KM Global Business, which operates in the Polish and foreign markets. In 2017, with Andrzej Bielenda, he founded the company B & M Bielenda & Mędrzak.
Jarosław Stankiewicz
Co-founder, COO

Experienced Manager with demonstrated knowledge of the blockchain and crypto industry, including co-creation of the cryptocurrency project, Skilled in management, leadership, communications, public relations, and business strategy. Strong business development professional with many years of managerial experience in the City of London. Through hands-on involvement in the development of a crypto project, I gained a genuine understanding of the crypto market and blockchain technology.
Remigiusz Czerniej

Remigiusz Czerniej is an expert in ICT project development, developing new information and communication technologies and cybersecurity. For over ten years, he has been financing and developing innovative projects carried out with the participation of research and implementation teams, which resulted in numerous investments completed with effective commercialisation and business successes. In addition, operating on international markets, he has extensive contacts in technology and telecommunications corporations, mainly in the USA, China and Europe, and institutional financing innovation (investment funds and investment banking).
Rafał Szubiński
Lead designer

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