Quick transaction

‍Speed and accuracy are crucial in opening/closing cryptocurrency positions as you may need to get in and out of trade very quickly. offers you the opportunity to do this swiftly with the Quick transaction order option, which works faster than a Market order.

Due to the platform’s unlimited liquidity and instant order execution unique feature, you don’t have to worry about being precise with your trade entry and exit. Opening and Closing positions time shortened to just under 100 MLS.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry about Slippage. You can just set your slippage tolerance level before initiating a transaction using the Quick Transaction mode.

For example, you want to initiate a long/short position for 1 BTC at $30,486 with a quick transaction.

You have to select the QUICK TRANSACTION order type, input the quantity, set the slippage tolerance level, select the transaction period, and you are good to GO!

With the quick transaction order, you are assured of precision and accuracy to the 100 MLS per trade.

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